Work With Me

Work With Me

Are you open to serving on a Board of Directors to help prevent bullying in your community?

Do you want to help improve society and those who have been, and are being, bullied using your martial arts knowledge and training?

Do you want to make an impact and leave a legacy in helping bullied victims and preventing bullying from occurring any further and getting worse?

Are you enthusiastic, a team leader, and have the courage to help improve today’s society as a bullying prevention advocate?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, please fill out the appropriate application below. There is one for serving on the Board of Directors for Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance, in which you must fulfill the requirements before you can apply.

The other application is to be a Team Leader in your area to help improve your community serving as a bullying prevention advocate, act as a liaison for Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance, and to help out with the daily functions of Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance Community Centers (when funds and space become available and legalities are arranged in your local area).


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Board of Directors and Executive Board Application

Requirements for Martial Arts Director: Must have at least a 2nd Degree Black Belt in either Tae Kwon Do, Kung-Fu, Tai Chi (or Emperor’s Long Fist), or Kickboxing. Must be proficient in creating a martial art program specifically for bullied victims and survivors from the ages of 4 – adulthood. Must have at least 4 years of studio management and be willing to travel across the state of Virginia for events and workshops. Board of Directors and Executive Board Application.

Team Leader Application

Your Life Matters Empowerment Alliance is currently taking applications for Team Leaders in the Roanoke Valley of Roanoke, Virginia (U. S. A.), to help with our National Bullying Prevention Month Conference in October 2018. Team Leader Application.