Sil-Lum Kung-Fu

Sil-Lum Kung-Fu Training:

2002. Blue Ridge Kung-fu Arnis Academy, where it all started.

Actually, it began at my job, where my boss suggested I go to this school and check it out, because he thought it would help me relieve stress. Little did I know I would still be doing martial arts, just not in the first and second styles I had originally trained in. Someday I see myself going back there and getting my black belt in Sil-Lum Kung-fu, which was the first style I learned while at this school. My highest rank I earned was the green belt before I moved. If I had not moved, I probably would have my 2nd degree black belt by now. I so miss training with weapons, Tuhon Rick Ward (the president and owner of this chain school – there are 11 of them) and his instructors.  They were all so very welcoming and very awesome instructors! Someday they will see me return.


The History:

In 502 – 557 A. D., during the Liang Dynasty, a Buddhist monk by the name of Bodhidarma, traveled from India to the Sil-Lum Temple in the Sung Mountains in China. According to legend, Bodhidarma introduced Sil-lum Kung-fu to Chinese disciples and developed chi gung (breath control) to keep the disciples from falling asleep during their long mediation times. The evolvement of chi gung developed after the kung-fu style split into two systems: internal (nei-dan) and external (wai-dan).

Bodhidarma then established 18 Lohan hand movements, which later developed into 72 techniques and then later on evolved into 170 techniques. These 170 hand techniques became the basis of Sil-lum Kung-fu’s Five Animal Style, which consists of the Crane (hao), Leopard (pao), Tiger (hu), Snake (she), and Dragon (lung).

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