Kali Training:

I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet Tuhon Guadiosa Ruby at Blue Ridge Kung-fu Arnis Academy while training under Tuhon Rick Ward. During my time while I was training in Sil-Lum Kung-Fu, I learned Kali forms, maneuvers, and techniques (my 3rd style), as it was part of the training, and there was also a separate program specifically for it. THE BEST part of my training there was the weapon training, and also the seminars I attended, in which Tuhon Ruby taught. Tuhon Rick Ward and Tuhon Ruby are dynamic in their teachings, and I so miss them and the classes to this day, which is why I know I will be returning to Blue Ridge Kung-fu Arnis Academy in the future. When that future is, I don’t know, but I KNOW I will return. Before I moved, I was a Green Belt. If I had not moved, I would probably be a 2nd Degree Black Belt by now – I’m guessing approximately at this.


The History:

Kali, combined with Eskrima and Arnis, is a Filipino martial art, which is a weapons based system that deals with blades and empty hand combat with the free hand. The development of this system originated in the Philippines, where throughout the ages, was based on the need for combat protection during the times of evolving political and social conflicts, war, technology, trade, and simple practicality and also against invaders in their country.

In 1972, the Philippine government allowed their martial arts styles into the sports arena, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports included them as a form of physical education for high school and college students. It is required training for their national military and police. Today, the U. S. Army, Russian Special Forces, and the government of India trains in and uses these styles of martial arts. The Filipino Martial Arts are considered to be the most prominent, advanced blade and weapons system in the world.


Kali, Sil-Lum Kung-Fu, Emperor’s Long Fist (Video):


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