Sum of Small Efforts

Sum of Small Efforts. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in, day out. Robert Collier. Martial Art Quote.

Climb Over That Mountain Top

Climb Over That Mountain Top. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, And you prayed to your own God to make things work, You had to find some way to work it on out. And when you did, you no longer had the self doubt That resided in you because you found the power within you to work it all out. To Inspire You.

Think Big, Dream Big

Think Big, Dream Big. Think big, dream big. Work hard, sweat hard. And roar like a lion. To Inspire You.

Inspiration (Heart and Soul)

Inspiration (Heart and Soul). You look in the mirror and see A face that’s not yours. You turn around to see That’s it’s just an image That you have longed to be by your side. To Inspire You.

To Be Strong, To Be A Leader

To be strong, to be a leader, You must at first admit when you are wrong, Admit when you are weaker. SoundCloud.

Believe In Yourself, Do Your Best

Believe In Yourself, Do Your Best. Believe in yourself, and do your best. Give every effort all-in, And give yourself one hundred percent of you, So you will feel and be the best At what you can do. To Inspire You.