Have An Open Mind. Be Free.

Have An Open Mind. Be Free. Your spirituality is a defining characteristic of your beliefs and how open you are to others’ beliefs. Your openness to new ideas, new people, new thoughts. Spirituality Speaking.

Power of Your Faith

Power of Your Faith. Did you know that the most powerful characteristic you can have within yourself is your faith? Do you know what faith means? The most powerful asset that you can acquire and can have, in which belongs to you, and only you, is your faith. What does faith mean to you? Do you believe in your own faith? Do you celebrate your faith everyday? Spirituality Speaking.

The Spirit Within

The Spirit Within. The spirit within yourself grows when your self-confidence rises and you accept yourself for everything you are. You feel like your soul has been lifted up, cleansing and ridding all your fears from inside you. Spirituality Speaking.

Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul

Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul. Without your mind, you have no body. Without your body, you have no spirit. Without your spirit, you will have no soul, because the body cannot live without the mind. Spirituality Speaking.

Celebrate Your Spirituality

Celebrate your spirituality, for your spirituality combines you with the universe. The way you feel about yourself, the way you carry yourself, the way you believe in yourself, and most of all the way you observe yourself around others. Spirituality Speaking.

Religion vs Spirituality

Religion vs Spirituality. I was born Catholic but am now a Spiritual person, which means I am more into meditation and a free mind of thinking. When I was a kid, I was forced into this thing called catechism, which I did not understand. Spirituality Speaking.