Sparring Is Best For You

Sparring Is Best For You. Sparring is best for you when you ever feel the need to vent. If you ever feel frustrated, ever feel depressed or anxiety, ever feel you just want to vent, choose a style of martial arts that interests you and start training. Martial Art Tip.

Sil-Lum Kung-fu Sparring

Sil-Lum Kung-Fu Sparring. I can remember the first time I ever sparred. It was in Sil-Lum Kung-Fu class, back in 2002. I didn’t know what it meant or what it entailed until I was watching it between two other students before I was called out to step on the mat. Martial Art Flashback.


“No-Pass.” Have you ever received a “No-Pass?” How did it make you feel? Did you give up after receiving it or did you move on and continue your martial art training? Receiving a “No-Pass” will either make you or break you. Martial Art Tip.

I’m Down!

I’m Down! Out of all the styles I know, Sil-Lum Kung-Fu is the only one in which the sparring starts standing up and continues even after I end up down on the mat, and the sparring doesn’t end until someone taps out. Martial Art Flashback.