Let Your Spirit and Soul Shine On

Let Your Spirit and Soul Shine On. With that moment when you feel the best in you is about to get better, That moment when you know each day is getting brighter; That moment when you see yourself shine like a star; Spirituality Speaking.

Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul

Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul. Without your mind, you have no body. Without your body, you have no spirit. Without your spirit, you will have no soul, because the body cannot live without the mind. Spirituality Speaking.

Well-Balanced, Highly Skilled Martial Artist

Well-Balanced, Highly Skilled Martial Artist. A strong core builds a strong foundation; a strong foundation builds a strong mind. A strong mind builds a positive belief system. Martial Art Quote.

Your Mind Is Your Greatest Weapon

Your Mind Is Your Greatest Weapon. Your mind is a greatest weapon. Choose your words wisely and use them well. Treat others like you would want to be treated yourself. To Inspire You.

Your Mind vs Gut Instinct

Your Mind vs Gut Instinct. Did you know that sometimes gut instinct can be the wrong thing to do, but what you’re thinking can be the right thing to do? Did you know that what you think you become, and what you believe, you can also achieve to become? Self-Empowerment and Self-Confidence Video Essay.