Let Your Spirit Drive You

Let Your Spirit Drive You. Without spirit, there is no sense of value within yourself. There is no purpose. You need spirit to drive you, to get you through the day. To motivate you, to encourage yourself to be better than the day you were before. Spirituality Speaking.

How You Use Weapons Depends On You

How You Use Weapons Depends On You. A weapon isn’t good or bad. It depends on the person who uses it. Martial Art Quote. Jet Li Quote.

Unleash the Power Within

Unleash the Power Within. You know you have the power, but what will you do with it? Will you embrace and unleash it? Or will you let it subside within you? You know you have the power within when you make something of yourself, when you feel important to someone, or to more than one person, and (s)he tells you, “Because of you, I didn’t give up.” Self-Empowerment Essays.

8 Benefits of Counseling

8 Benefits of Counseling. Less anxiety. Greater self-confidence. Regaining emotional balance. Stress relief. Self-Empowerment Tip. Self-Confidence Tip.