The Power of Martial Art Women

The Power of Martial Art Women. Martial art women are fierce, powerful, independent, and strong-willed, especially when ready to roll with the punches and take on the world. Martial Art Quote.

You Are Never Too Young or Too Old to Train in Martial Arts

You Are Never Too Young or Too Old to Train in Martial Arts. You are never too young or too old to train in martial arts. But the younger you start to train in martial arts, you will gain more honor, respect, wisdom, and courtesy you will begin to learn to apply for later on in life. Martial Arts Quote.

Learn to Control Use of Weapons

Learn to Control Use of Weapons. Martial artists learn to control their emotions, body movements, speed, technique, but most of all learn to control the use of weapons. Martial Art Quote.

Focus and Breathe

Focus and Breathe. “Martial arts teaches you how to focus and how to breathe.” Martial Art Quote.

Martial Arts Teaches Respect

Martial Arts Teaches Respect. In martial arts, respect is learned before it is earned. Martial arts is a discipline in which teaches respect to anyone who walks through the front door of a martial art school. Martial Art Tip.

The World of Kali

The World of Kali. For those who do not know the world of Kali, Tuhon Leo Gaje is the heir to the Founding Father Grand Tuhon Conrado Tortal’s Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System, which is a Filipino martial arts style.  Tuhon Leo Gaje’s son, Tuhon Leo Gaje, Jr. carries on in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, which both make them Founding Fathers in their own right, in my opinion. Martial Art History.