Martial Art Tip

Sparring Is Best For You

Sparring Is Best For You. Sparring is best for you when you ever feel the need to vent. If you ever feel frustrated, ever feel depressed or anxiety, ever feel you just want to vent, choose a style of martial arts that interests you and start training. Martial Art Tip.

Martial Art Flashback

How I Got Into Martial Arts

How I Got Into Martial Arts. One of my bosses I worked with at my undergraduate school got me into martial arts. He said that he thought I would like it. I started in 2002 in Boone, N.C., at the Blue Ridge Kung-fu Arnis Academy. Martial Art Flashback.

Martial Art Flashback

Working With Kali Weaponry

Working with Kali Weaponry. Working with Kali Weaponry (also known as Escrima and Arnis), I learned how to use wooden sticks and knives to defend myself should I ever have to face myself with a real blade in real life. Martial Art Flashback. Martial Art Flashback.