Know Your Martial Art Techniques

Know Your Martial Art Techniques. I weigh about 111 pounds, and the public feels you have to be big and strong, but it doesn’t really matter what your body weight is as long as you know the correct technique and know where to hit. Martial Art Quote. Cynthia Rothrock Quote.

Martial Arts Gave Me Something to Live For

Martial Arts Gave Me Something to Live For. I got the best of both worlds and the freedom to create movements. That’s when I really got interested in Kata competitions. Martial Art Quote. Karen Sheperd Quote.

Martial Arts Is Not An Easy Thing To Do

Martial Arts Is Not An Easy Thing To Do. Martial arts are art forms and require a great deal of discipline and dedication. Martial Art Quote. Lucy Liu Quote.

Martial Artists Make Great Leaders

Martial Artists Make Great Leaders. I know there are great leaders in this world who are not martial artists, but this essay focuses on why martial artists make great leaders. In My Own Words.

Martial Arts Teaches Self-Discipline

Martial Arts Teaches Self-Discipline. Martial arts teaches self-discipline in various ways. You can start training in martial arts for many different reasons – self-defense, increase self-realization and self-awareness skills, and to become your better self. Martial Art Tip.