Inspiration (Heart and Soul)

Inspiration (Heart and Soul). You look in the mirror and see A face that’s not yours. You turn around to see That’s it’s just an image That you have longed to be by your side. To Inspire You.

Take Every Opportunity You Get

Take Every Opportunity You Get. Empower your mind today with the opportunities that come your way. Take every opportunity you get. Never let those opportunities slip away, through your hands. Live your life to the fullest and make it the best yet. To Inspire You.

Peace, Prosperity, Tranquility

Peace, Prosperity, Tranquility. Look inside yourself and know deep down you need peace, Peace to keep you at your best, to rid you of any pain. To Inspire You.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Never Give Up On Your Dreams. Never give up on your dreams. Do what comes right, do what comes naturally. Be authentic in everything you do. To Inspire You.

Be Humble, Grateful, and Thankful Today

Be Humble, Grateful, and Thankful Today. To be humble, you must accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all. To be grateful, you must be able to give gratitude to those who love you the most And to those who don’t love you as much as they should. To Inspire You.

Be Your Glorious Self

Be Your Glorious Self. Have a kindred spirit, have a positive soul. Have a winning smile, have alluring eyes,  Have a great personality. Reveal what’s inside of yourself, and let your character flow. To Inspire You.