Evolve Yourself, You Will Grow

Evolve Yourself, You Will Grow. What do you do on a daily basis in which helps you be able to grow from your insides and learn to be able to implement it on the outsides? In other words, what is your daily routine in your daily method of operation? I start my daily routine when I wake up. I do a gratitude exercise, in which I have learned from Ray Higdon, being in his coaching program, and it helps out immensely. Self-Empowerment and Self-Confidence Video Essays.

Back Stretches

Back Stretches. If your martial art style involves rolling, you definitely want to stretch out your back. The cat / cow is a basic back stretch, in which you have your knees and hands on the floor. Martial Art Tip.

Wake Up and Be Amazing

Wake Up and Be Amazing. Have you ever woken up to one of those mornings and just felt like crap? Have you ever woken up to one of those mornings in which you got done nothing done and you dragged throughout the day, afternoon, and evening and wished that you had more energy and a more positive attitude? Self-Empowerment Tip and Self-Confidence Video Essay.