Be a Risk Taker, Take Chances

Be A Risk Taker, Take Chances. You don’t get anywhere in life by hiding in fear. If you want it bad enough, You have to reach out and grab it by the horns, Harness it in, and ride like the wind. To Inspire You.

Make Every Moment Count

Make Every Moment Count. Live your life to the fullest. Dream big. Think big. And be the best at what you can do and be.
To Inspire You.

Let Your Love Shine In

Let Your Love Shine In. As your week starts, and you feel the thumping in your heart, And you feel the blood running through your veins, Let your love shine in. To Inspire You.

Power of Peace Within You

Power of Peace Within You. May the power of peace within you Rise like the spirit like the clouds in the sky soar. Give you the spirit and give you the peace Fulfill your need forevermore. To Inspire You.

Rise From the Ashes

Rise from the ashes. Do what you will, do what you must. Hustle and grind until you no longer can. Let it implore your mind. Rises from the ashes. To Inspire You.

Climb Over That Mountain Top

Climb Over That Mountain Top. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, And you prayed to your own God to make things work, You had to find some way to work it on out. And when you did, you no longer had the self doubt That resided in you because you found the power within you to work it all out. To Inspire You.