To Be Strong, To Be A Leader

To be strong, to be a leader, You must at first admit when you are wrong, Admit when you are weaker. SoundCloud.

Born To Be You

Born To Be You. You were born to be you, the unique person you are. Beauty is skin deep, and it lies within your heart. SoundCloud.

In The Zone

In The Zone. “To be in the zone, you have to hone your skills, self-confidence and self-will. To be in the zone, you have to be in focus To achieve that level of success.” SoundCloud.

Generosity and Gratitude

Generosity and Gratitude. Generosity and gratitude – A little goes a long way. A lot will brighten your day. Compliment someone and be generous. SoundCloud.

Beautiful You Are

Beautiful You Are. Believe in yourself and all that you can do. Believe in your dreams and the vision you have inside of you. SoundCloud.

To Be The Best

To Be The Best. To be the best at success, you must stand out from the rest. Rise above them all and know when to take the fall, Because only then will you get better. SoundCloud.