Martial Arts Improves Flexibility and Endurance

Martial Arts Improves Flexibility and Endurance. Whether you are a beginning martial artist or an experienced martial artist, did you know that during your training it will strengthen your flexibility and endurance? Martial Art Tip.

Bow At The Door, Clean Off Your Feet

Bow at the Door, Clean Off Your Feet. Are you aware that in some martial art styles that you have to be trained before entering the kwoon, the dojo, to bow at the door so as to show a sign of respect to those already in the school, to the fellow martial art students and senior instructors? Have you been instructed by your senior instructors to have to be able to clean off your feet before and after you enter the sparring room? Martial Art Tip.

Respect Thy Instructor, Honor Thy Mats

Respect Thy Instructor, Honor Thy Mats. As you enter your school’s training room, have you ever wondered how those mats got on the floor? Do you know how long it takes to put those mats down? Martial Art Tip.

Wrist and Neck Rolls

Wrist and Neck Rolls. I am known for pre- and post- stretching. I strongly believe in stretching the body for a good 15 to 20 minutes before and after every workout. Some people may not think about doing these type of stretches, but I highly recommend stretching the neck and wrists. Martial Art Tip.

Martial Arts Teaches Self-Discipline

Martial Arts Teaches Self-Discipline. Martial arts teaches self-discipline in various ways. You can start training in martial arts for many different reasons – self-defense, increase self-realization and self-awareness skills, and to become your better self. Martial Art Tip.

Sparring Is Best For You

Sparring Is Best For You. Sparring is best for you when you ever feel the need to vent. If you ever feel frustrated, ever feel depressed or anxiety, ever feel you just want to vent, choose a style of martial arts that interests you and start training. Martial Art Tip.