2 Types of Martial Art Instruction

2 Types of Martial Art Instruction. Did you know that there are two types of martial art instruction? Depending on the owner and grandmaster or headmaster instructor of your martial art school you attend, the style of his/her instruction depends on his/her martial art philosophy of teaching. Martial Art Philosophy.

The Power and Benefits of Chi Kung

The Power and Benefits of Chi Kung. The power and benefits of chi kung (quee gong) is an eastern concept in which is a biophysical energy, a life force, an internal power that a person possesses. Martial Art Philosophy.

Martial Arts and Spirituality

Martial Arts and Spirituality. There is a connection between martial arts and spirituality. This post celebrates the style and the spirit found within each martial art practitioner. For every style of martial arts, there is a spiritual aspect to it. Each style has a different spirituality behind the martial art training. Martial Art Philosophy.

Martial Artist Prayer

Martial Artist Prayer. Grant me the courage to remember all I was taught from all of life’s training. Martial Art Philosophy.

Circular Path of the Tai Chi Curve

Circular Path of the Tai Chi Curve. Think of the circular path of each movement, in Tai Chi every moment is in a curve or circle that has no ending or beginning. Martial Art Philosophy.