The Increased Popularity of Martial Arts

The Increased Popularity of Martial Arts. The increased popularity of martial arts is based on two reasons… 1). Martial arts is about living, and 2). Self-Preservation. Martial arts is not always about fighting; it’s about life. How you react to it and what you do with your life is applied by how you train in martial arts and what you do with your training in martial arts. Martial Art History.

Spiritual Practices of Martial Arts

Spiritual Practices of Martial Arts. There are two dimensions of martial arts in which a martial artist can train in. These two dimensions are based on the spiritual practices of martial arts style. Martial Art History.

The Psychology of Martial Arts

The Psychology of Martial Arts. Martial arts is a lifestyle in which one learns for self-defense. But martial arts is not just about learning self-defense and learning how to fight. Martial Art Philosophy.

2 Martial Art Categories

2 Martial Art Categories. There are two categories of martial arts. Depending on what you want to gain and learn from martial arts will ultimately be your deciding factor in which category and style you want to train in. Martial Art History.

Kickboxing History

Kickboxing History. Kickboxing originally comes from Muy Thai Kickboxing, which originated in Thailand, and Karate, which originated in Japan. Martial Art History.

The Birth of Martial Arts

The Birth of Martial Arts. The birth of martial arts was born with the Kung-Fu style, but Kung-Fu’s history was not well documented, so when it first made its appearance to the outside world is debatable. Martial Art History.