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Self-Empowerment and Self-Confidence Video Essays

Wake Up and Be Amazing

Wake Up and Be Amazing. Have you ever woken up to one of those mornings and just felt like crap? Have you ever woken up to one of those mornings in which you got done nothing done and you dragged throughout the day, afternoon, and evening and wished that you had more energy and a more positive attitude? Self-Empowerment Tip and Self-Confidence Video Essay.

In My Own Words

What Is Your Favorite Martial Art Movie?

What Is Your Favorite Martial Art Movie? If you don't know by now, I am an aspiring martial art screenwriter. It has been taught to me in the screenwriting industry to write what you know... I know martial arts, I love martial arts, I love movies. Film Facts and Trivia.

Nutrition Tip

Use Oils, Not Butter

Use Oils, Not Butter. When you are cooking in a pan, or when you are baking or roasting foods, what do you normally use? Do you use oil or do you use butter? It is a much healthier option to use oil as opposed to butter because it is essential in your recommended daily intake to use two teaspoons of oil. Nutrition Tip.