Forget the Past; Reshape Your Future

Forget the Past; Reshape Your Future. Your past defines you and your character, but are you willing to let it go, or are you wanting to re-live it and let it shape your future? Self-Empowerment Essays.

The Power of Martial Art Women

The Power of Martial Art Women. Martial art women are fierce, powerful, independent, and strong-willed, especially when ready to roll with the punches and take on the world. Martial Art Quote.

Martial Arts Teaches Self-Awareness

Martial Arts Teaches Self-Awareness. In this post, you will learn throughout your martial art training how more aware you become of your body, your body movements, and your surroundings, which is important when it comes to self-defense. Martial Art Tip.

Rise From the Ashes

Rise from the ashes. Do what you will, do what you must. Hustle and grind until you no longer can. Let it implore your mind. Rises from the ashes. To Inspire You.

More Women Should Train In Martial Arts

More Women Should Train in Martial Arts. More women should train in martial arts to learn self-defense. I believe every woman should learn the basics of martial arts to defend herself from predators, muggers, bullies, and ex-spouses. Facebook Lives.

Have Some Faith in Yourself

Have Some Faith In Yourself. Be brave and take risks. You need to have faith in yourself. Be brave and take risks. You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. Spirituality Speaking. Roy T. Bennett Quote.