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Learn To Have Patience

Learn To Have Patience. This is inspired because of the holiday season coming up. And with the way people drive, you just got to learn to have patience. You also have to learn how to have patience because when you rush things, you do a really bad job at whatever you are doing. Facebook Lives.

Nutrition Tip

How To Maintain A Healthy Diet As A Martial Artist

How to maintain a healthy diet as a martial artist. There is a trick to this. Do you struggle with your diet as you train in your martial art style? Do you struggle between choosing healthy food and junk food? Nutrition Tip.

Martial Art Tip

Sparring Is Best For You

Sparring Is Best For You. Sparring is best for you when you ever feel the need to vent. If you ever feel frustrated, ever feel depressed or anxiety, ever feel you just want to vent, choose a style of martial arts that interests you and start training. Martial Art Tip.