About Coach Colleen Burns

The purpose of Colleen’s Martial Art Corner is to provide you with the daily motivation and inspiration to get you through your daily struggles in your martial art journey. I know from personal experience within my martial art career there are emotional struggles and obstacles. I know what that feels like. What I have found, however, that keeps me going, is a positive attitude and outlook on life in general.

How you react to life in general is how you react and progress in your martial art training. You must have to deal with “the school of hard knocks,” as that is life, and also literally in a kwoon, dojo, etc. You learn to be persistent, consistent, and you also learn how and when to get up and stay down. You learn when to swing and not to swing. But most of all, you learn to remain true to yourself, no matter what you may encounter within your martial art training and life in general.

May Colleen’s Martial Art Corner serve you and provide you with the tips I mention in the video above, to better improve your martial art training, journey, and lifestyle and you yourself to be the best person you can be!


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 




Colleen Burns

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