Be Strong. Be A Leader. Inspire Others.

Be Strong. Be A Leader. Inspire Others.

To be strong you have to know yourself first. To know yourself you have to be able to accept yourself FOR YOU and be willing to do some serious soul searching. To begin with some soul searching, you need a lot of time set aside to invest in yourself and do things only for you, such as personal development (video, audio, or literature), be willing to accept your mistakes and your past, be willing to take on more responsibility for yourself, find an outlet for your frustrations (everyone has these), finding and creating inner peace within yourself. Know what makes you tick, know what makes you happy, know what makes you cry, so you can create a better you – FOR YOU! Begin a journal, develop ideas to better improve yourself, and take action upon them.

Release your frustrations, anger, problems that are hindering you. No matter how long it may take, or how hard it may be to follow through, but LET THEM GO! you will feel much better about yourself afterwards. You will radiate a new found energy within yourself – a new found inner peace that is resounding to you, in which other people will notice and want to gravitate to you. They will become your new best friends of they aren’t already. Release the negativity around you and surround yourself with positive people who are like you. You don’t need negativity in your life anymore!

Once you let go of all the negativity in your life, you will become a strong, confident soul. The next step is to become the leader you were meant to be. Be strong and be fearless, have courage and be brave, and be a risk taker. Leaders are risk takers and often make sacrifices to be a successful one. They then lead others to do the same – to inspire them. So, today let go and be strong. Be a leader. And inspire others.


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 




Colleen Burns


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