Spiritual Essence Within

Spiritual Essence Within

Your spiritual essence within makes up your divine self as a whole. It combines your mind, body, spirit, and soul. How you treat your mind, body, spirit, and soul is how you perceive yourself – your divine self included.

the-spiritual-life-is-part-of-the-human-essence-it-is-a-defining-characteristic-of-human-nature-quote-1Some people don’t have a spiritual essence within (they are called Atheists); that’s okay. They still have an essence about them – a human essence. A human essence is just as important as a spiritual one.

Your spiritual essence within is an extra layer of yourself. Your true self reveals how you treat others through your own spirituality. What you believe in, others may not believe in, but to be one with yourself is to accept it and move on. Neglecting others because of their spirituality is wrong, because everyone’s essence will be different.

Your spirituality will create a personality about yourself in which others will like or not like. But your spirituality essence within is what makes you YOU. Mold yourself and treat your mind, body, spirit, and soul with kindness, and teach your spirituality essence within with others. We learn from each other – mistakes and all. It’s our human essence within each other. Those who are willing and open to learn others’ spirituality makes creates a bond of friendship, trust, and peace – what our world needs when it comes to the spiritual essence within.


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