The Increased Popularity of Martial Arts

The Increased Popularity of Martial Arts

The increased popularity of martial arts is based on two reasons…

1). Martial arts is about living, and

2). Self-Preservation.

Martial arts is not always about fighting; it’s about life. How you react to it and what you do with your life is applied by how you train in martial arts and what you do with your training in martial arts. Applying your training in martial arts to your daily life will make you a better and improved person for many different, varying reasons.karate-1343889_960_720

Martial arts builds character, increases a deep self-confidence and self-esteem from within you, teaches human qualities such as respect and courage, achieves a deeper spiritual essence from within, and establishes a mental tranquility about yourself to be at peace and at ease within yourself.

The reason for self-preservation training in martial arts dates back to the early 1950s, when former military men and Asian immigrants were forced to confront challenges from obnoxious intruders. These intruders would interrupt martial art classes in martial art schools and would challenge the instructors to test out their martial art skills to see if martial arts really worked. Hence, self-preservation became the physical dimension of martial art training. This concept now focuses on combat, discipline, and morals, so martial art students can be ready for anything that comes at them in real life fighting situations. (The Martial Arts Companion, John Corcoran).

To learn more in detail about the increased popularity of martial arts, watch the video below.

The Increased Popularity of Martial Arts (Video):


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