Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul

Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul

Without your mind, you have no body. Without your body, you have no spirit. Without your spirit, you will have no soul, because the body cannot live without the mind.

The mind is a powerful thing. It controls your emotions, senses, your organs, your body. What you think, what you feel, and how you feel nurtures your whole being. How you carry yourself, how you perceive yourself, how you care for yourself and others comes from within your mind. Your mind is like a hub, and the rest of you – your body, your spirit, and your soul – is spokes to the hub. Without your mind, you cannot exist. Well, you can, but you are like a limp, lifeless body.


The body is a unit which works as a whole, but it cannot function without the mind. The mind completes the body’s cycle. Without your body, your spirit and soul lingers; they are part of your body and exists within you, whether it be on a spiritual plane or on a more physical, outer level that you can feel and be every day.

Your spirit can either be within you or outside of yourself to describe your personality and traits. They can also be both, depending whether you are a spiritual person or not. Your spirit can die if your body lingers without any emotion or feelings.

Your soul, however, will always remain. Your soul  – whether kind or mean – leaves an impression on others on how you treat them and also yourself. Your soul completes the cycle of your body’s evolution, because without your mind, body, spirit, and soul, you will not feel complete as a whole human being.


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