Martial Artists Make Great Leaders

Martial Artists Make Great Leaders

I know there are great leaders in this world who are not martial artists, but this essay focuses on why martial artists make great leaders.

1). Martial artists are disciplined to focus on their wrongs to improve to make them rights.

2). Martial artists know the difference between right and wrong and follow the rules and direction of the law with seniority instructors and law officials.

3). They train not only to defend themselves, but they also train to enlist in the military and defend our country! Now that’s a leader!

4). They are focused and disciplined to improve themselves not only physically  but also emotionally and mentally.

5). Martial artists are trained to take and throw the punches and kicks – and some are also trained in weaponry, but they are also trained when NOT TO use their training skills.

6). They are trained when to know to stop, look, and learn, and how to speak to others. They are respectful of others.

7). They learn to build their confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and inner peace with themselves, in addition to learning how to control any anger and temper issues.

8). Martial artists learn how to deal with rejections, which builds their confidence, determination, perseverance, consistency, and will-power to move forward. No matter what obstacles may come their way, they do not quit. They push themselves forward, which builds their character and makes them successful.

9). The higher the rank in their style and training, the higher the responsibility. The higher the responsibility, the greater the leadership skills develop and improve. The better the development and improvement, the greater the leader will become. The better the leader they become, the better of quality of life they will foresee and lead.

10). Martial artists are trained to protect and help the innocent, whether they are fellow martial artists or not.


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