My Idols

My Idols

I got into music at an early age; I think I was around 13 years old when I discovered Bon Jovi. After I heard “Living On a Prayer,” I was hooked. I became a Bon Jovi aficionado when “New Jersey” came out and I heard “Bad Medicine” on the radio. “Bad Medicine” is my all time favorite Bon Jovi song. I started writing my own lyrics, then the music (I was a guitarist then), but I found writing the music was harder than writing the lyrics. So, I guess you could say, I am a lyricist  – even to this day. And I still LOVE my Bon Jovi!

I discovered Jerry Bruckheimer movies when “Beverly Hills Cop” came out. Then came “Top Gun,” “Days of Thunder,” “Beverly Hills Cop II,” “The Rock,” and “Armageddon,” my all time favorite Jerry Bruckheimer movie. At the time “The Rock” came out, I was just starting my undergraduate education. It took me 6 years to graduate; reason being I kept on adding majors because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to focus on. I graduated with 3 degrees and 2 minors, quite the achievement I never knew I could do, being that I dropped out of high school in 10th grade, and I took the road less traveled and spent 15 weeks in Adult Education to get my high school diploma. But I had one goal in mind to get me through those 6 arduous undergraduate years – to work with Jerry Bruckheimer one day.

Then came seeing a TV version of “Lethal Weapon 4” while in undergraduate school. And I discovered Jet Li, my reason for being, my reason for living, my reason to be the best I can be in martial arts and who I am today and aspire to be – a martial art screenwriter.

An interesting fact with this in mind is that I have a trilogy written with Jet Li in mind, Jerry Bruckheimer at the helm (he’s never done a martial art movie before), and Bon Jovi as one of the bands in the soundtrack.

Interesting enough, my idols all have the letter “J” in them. Hmm…


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Colleen Burns


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  1. Jay McManless says:

    I share a love of Bon Jovi and Jerry Bruckheimer. We seem to mirror each other’s likes and love of music. Martial arts, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li filled many a night with enthralling movie watching. I still look back on the movies and recently rewatched The One. You just can’t get better values than from artists that have good moral values. What role models they make for our young children.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings Jay! I love my J’s! They have been there many a times to keep me entertained and laughing when I needed it the most.

      Music, + movies + martial arts = my lifestyle.

      Thanks for your comment and your visit! Much appreciated!


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