Learn To Have Patience

Learn To Have Patience

This is inspired because of the holiday season coming up. And with the way people drive, you just got to learn to have patience. You also have to learn how to have patience because when you rush things, you do a really bad job at whatever you are doing. Then you realize you have made a bunch of mistakes. Sometimes you are able to fix them, and sometimes you are not able to fix them.

So, what do you do when you don’t have enough patience to go over it again? What do you not do so that way you won’t have to repeat your mistakes, and you will be able to have the patience to go through it the first time around and not have to do it over again, if you have the chance to? Learn to have patience. What can you do to make yourself have patience?

It’s all in the person’s personality, and it’s all in the persons’s upbringing. If you don’t have patience, and you were not taught patience when you were younger, more than likely you will probably not have the patience when you get older. You will just be going and going and going and on the run and thinking you want it now, you want it now, you want it now. So, therefore, when you don’t get it now, you are disgruntled, you are impatient, and you are just not there because you are not getting it now, like you got it right then when you were younger.

There is a way to be able to have patience. Say, when you were younger you were given everything at a certain time when you said you wanted it now and you got it now. So, how is it when you were given something then, immediately, are you able to grow out of it and have patience? I tend to think so, only because of the fact that, for example you are needing a car, and you want it now, but you don’t get it. You have to have patience to be able to learn to get what you want. If you get what you want immediately, then you will think that way for the rest of your life. When you don’t get it, you will be disgruntled because you are not getting it now. What I am trying to say is learn to have patience.

In order to learn to have patience, you must be able to know and to learn to be able to wait it out. Not everything can be given to people immediately. Not everything can be served to you on a silver platter. You have to learn to wait. You must learn to have patience. In doing so, when you learn to have patience, it makes you a better person all around because you have a more natural way about yourself. You have a more natural way of looking at things, being optimistic, being open to other people, being open to other suggestions, being able to have feedback, and being open to taking criticism. When you don’t have the patience, you are not able to receive all things, because you want it NOW.

So, my advice for you is to learn to have patience, especially during the holiday season. Because when things don’t go your way, and you don’t get it right then and there, and you are disturbed because of it, just take a deep breath in. You know eventually it will come to you. You just have to wait it out, and you have to be able to learn to accept the fact that you won’t get it now. Eventually it will come to you if you work hard for it, if you put 100% effort of you into it, and you are able to get through that time as to when you want it now and you don’t get it, it will make you a better person.

If you are not the patient type, and you want to learn to have patience, read personal development books on patience, or you can listen to audio. The best thing for you is if you are not a patient person, is to actually listen to audio, because when you listen to audio, it makes you focus more and perceive things more as opposed to sitting down and reading. That is the best thing for you to do is to listen to audio books, because if you are not the patient type, then you probably are not the patient type to sit down and read. You can do this as you are baking, as you are running, as you are walking, as you are jogging, as you are working – well, it depends where you are working. You can listen to audio and you can multi-task with what you are doing at the time, so that way you will be able to have more patience and focus in more on yourself. This will teach you to focus and be more patient with what you are listening to, and still be a multi-tasker at the same time. I hope you learned to be more patient today.

The next best thing for you to learn more patience is to meditate. You may not think you have the patience to meditate, but if you want to improve yourself and you want to improve your patience, meditation is the best thing for you to do. You can do this! If you feel you can’t sit alone in a room and meditate, take the audio of the meditation and continue with your multitasking. That’s not considered meditation in my own opinion, because with meditation it’s best to be alone and you have to be centered into your soul to be able to improve yourself then and there. But if you are not the patient type to learn to meditate, why not just listen to a meditation CD or an audio while you are doing what you are doing. This will improve your mind, improve your concentration and your focus more. That way, when you are able to be a little bit more patient, and you are able to improve yourself, you can eventually go into a single room and learn to meditate. This will eventually improve your patience. It will also improve your mind and your personal development skills.

I hope you are able to become more patient as the holidays continue to unravel through and forth. Have more patience as you are driving. Have more patience as you are Christmas shopping. Have more patience as you are cooking and baking. And just have more patience within your life.

Learn To Have Patience (Video):

Did that help you? May you find some valuable tips within this video to help you learn to have more patience and become a better, patient person.


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