Peace, Prosperity, Tranquility

Peace, Prosperity, Tranquility

Look inside yourself and know deep down you need peace,

Peace to keep you at your best, to rid you of any pain.

No need to hide who you are meant to be.

Stay true to yourself and know you don’t have to change.

You find yourself captured in a crazy world,

Where everyone is running in different directions.

No time for yourself; not enough time to be heard

Amongst the crowd of people integrating.

Where will you find a place so serene

To remain at peace and with prosperity?

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Look inside yourself and discover your soul

Needs some time away to find some tranquility.

Seek the peace, serenity, and wisdom inside your soul.

Know you need time for yourself and rid your emotions.

Learn to let go of what it is you hold onto,

And you will feel different tomorrow.

Be kind with your heart and soul;

Treat yourself to something good

To the best of your ability.

You deserve it for all that you go through.

May you find the peace, prosperity, and tranquility

With yourself today, tomorrow, and in your days coming to you.


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






Colleen Burns


SKYPE: colleen.burns62

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