Religion vs Spirituality

Religion vs Spirituality

I was born Catholic but am now a Spiritual person, which means I am more into meditation and a free mind of thinking.

When I was a kid, I was forced into this thing called catechism, which I did not understand. It was not until the day of 1st Communion, or whatever the day was where you wear all white, that I told my parents I did not want to go anymore. You could say I rebelled against it. So, after that day, I no longer went to catechism but still had to go to church. I’ve always liked the Christmas mass because of all the decorations and also some of the music, which I did sing way back when, was okay.

I did go to a private parochial school during my 10th and 11th grade years (though I was held back during my 11th year, which I hated and so I dropped out), but that was because the people I met through the Volunteer Program at the local hospital who went to that school  – and also to the rival football team high school – were nice to me and became my very good friends (and still are to this day).

The hell I went through during that 1st school I attended made me lose belief in everything, including myself. And it took 13 years to find myself again through martial arts, where I was introduced to Spirituality, in which I now have faith in. And it has helped me gain more self-confidence since. Plus, it has made me more aware of other religions in this world, particularly Buddhism, Hinduism, and of the Shamans. I find them all very interesting.


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