Managing Your Diet During The Holiday Season, 2

Managing Your Diet During The Holiday Season, 2

Should you, or should you not eat the dessert?

From what I have found in my learnings and nutrition education and the lifestyle in which I have lived within the past eight years, if you deprive yourself of food, specific foods in which you crave, you will not be able to manage a healthy diet. You will not be able to manage the days in which you want to splurge, especially during the holidays in which you know there will be rich, sweet foods around.

So, the question is should you, or should you not, eat the dessert?

Yes, you can. But, in moderation. You have to be able to know how big of a slice you should have of that pumpkin pie or apple pie or ice cream or cake, which ever it is you so desire that you need to have during the holidays. Being able to eat dessert during the holidays and shying away from it is kind of hard, but if you do it in moderation, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy diet.

Not during the holidays, you should be able to have a day out of the week to have what I call a “splurge day.” If you deplete something in which you crave and you do not have this, then your diet will suffer and so will your weight. You need to be able to carve out a day to be able to splurge, especially during the holidays, so that way you will still be able to maintain your weight and maintain your healthy diet.

During this holiday season, carve out a day in which you know you will be eating sweets. As you are gobbling up that turkey and that stuffing and that sweet potato (don’t eat the white potato – sweet potato is better for you) and all that other good stuff, don’t forget that you can have that dessert, only in moderation and only have a very thin slice. You know you are going to be offered sweets throughout the day and throughout the night.

During this holiday season, have small slices of the dessert in which you so desire, but don’t eat all of them. Because then you will have lost all abomination for all the good stuff in which you have worked hard for and maintaining your healthy weight and diet, in which you have maintained throughout the rest of the year. Unless you have a high calorie, a high energy, a high metabolism, in which you know you can work out in – like martial arts – you can have a bigger slice of that pie or cake in which you so desire to eat, … today and the rest of the holidays throughout the year, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Don’t deprive yourself today, have that dessert, but in moderation.

Managing Your Diet During the Holiday Season, 2 (Video):


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