Have No Fear, Have A Vision

Have No Fear, Have A Vision

To overcome fear, one must first admit his/her fear (or fears). To have a vision means to have a foresight, a premonition of his/her future.

To overcome fear, one must work through the admitted fear (or fears), which can either take a short period of time, or a long period of time, depending on the urgency and persistency one takes. It also depends on the matter and how important the matter is to work out the fear (s). In this sense, vision comes into play.

futureOne must ask him/herself, “Will I ever see myself get rid of this fear, or will I always have this fear?”

Your fears weigh you down. Your fears make you stop and never push forward. Your fears make you not realize your full potential. They delay all action, they delay your progress, and they create negativity. Ask yourself if you want to remain this way for the rest of your life.

Your answer will best define who you are. Are you a person with dreams, ambition, determination, or are you a person with a daily routine of a humdrum life, not having a vision for your future? Do you want to remain stuck in life, or do you want a life in which all good things come to you at a moment’s notice?

In the video below I talk about have no fear, have a vision. For it is vision you need to get you out of your rut, your fears, whatever obstacles that may be facing you right now. Your vision will help you move forward in life.

Today, face your fears. Take a moment to write them down, for when you do this, you are finally admitting to yourself your fears. Then write out baby steps, little goals, in which you will take to better yourself and rid your fears. This is your vision.

To learn more and be inspired, watch the video below.

Have No Fear, Have A Vision (Video):


May this help you with your fears and create a more visionary future!


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






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