Be Your Glorious Self

Be Your Glorious Self

Be your glorious self.

Have a kindred spirit, have a positive soul. 

Have a winning smile, have alluring eyes,

Have a great personality.

Reveal what’s inside of yourself, and let your character flow.

Be your glorious self, so others will be able to show their best selves around you.

For what you radiate, you attract;

What you repel, you will find will repel others.

So, be your be your glorious self today, the best version of you. 

For when you are the best version of you,

You will find the best version in others,

And in those others, they will find the best in you,

And you will find new friends, rekindle old friendships.

So be your best self today, tomorrow, and after that.

You will thank yourself for it,

For all the friends in the world who you feel are like your family

Will love you for yourself as well, so be your glorious self. 

Be Your Glorious Self (Video):


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on!






Colleen Burns


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