The Man Behind My Reason For Being

The Man Behind My Reason For Being

I remember back when I was in undergraduate school, while I was sitting in my dorm room and during my lunchtime, I was watching a movie on my roommates TV. It changed my life.

It was the first time I ever heard of Jet Li – the man behind my reason for being. I remember watching the scene where he flies off the top stair landing in Roger Murtaugh’s house and lands on his feet on the bottom floor and kicking the crap out of Roger and Martin Riggs. I was in awe at this man. I wanted to learn to fly like that and kick butt in movies. But I had no idea who he was. I watched the credits at the end and learned Wah Sing Ku was played by Jet Li. My next move?


 Well, it was not learn martial arts. (That came about a year later). I printed out a list of all his movies from and started buying all his movies. On VHS. Ha ha! Funny, but true! (I did not have a DVD player at the time). From Shaolin Kids all the way up to The Expendables 2, which I do have now on DVD. Times have changed, haven’t they? (I do not have Badges of Fury yet).

I had to learn everything about him, which proved to be a very good thing. What I learned back then, I wrote in an essay for one of my film history courses and did a presentation on him for another course in graduate school about ten years later. Ironic. I own a couple books on him now – Jet Li: A Biography and Off The Record Guide to the Film Career of Jet Liwhich are very good books, by the way. I could write my own novel on the man. (Hence, the previous post).

And then came the start of my martial art training in Sil-Lum Kung-fu and Emperor’s Long Fist in early 2002, thanks to one of my bosses at work. Since then, I have been doing martial arts. I never knew just how much one person could affect another person’s life, but this man has totally changed mine. My martial art training has changed my perceptions in life, my spirituality, and my personal health and well-being. All because of one movie, in which I had no idea who he was, because I had never heard of him before until that one fateful day I was watching Lethal Weapon 4 in my dorm room. He is my inspiration; the man behind my reason for being, and why I am still alive to this day.


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PS: To learn more about Jet Li facts and trivia, click here:

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