Your Vision Is Your Future, Not Your Past

Your Vision Is Your Future, Not Your Past

Are you aware that your vision in which you have can either uninspire you or inspire you? Do you have a vision? How well would you rate your vision? Are you aware you can manifest your vision into your electro-magnetic signatures? Do you know what an electro-magnetic signature is?
I was on a webinar some time ago with Dr. Joe Dispenza in which I learned a lot about vision, and I’d like to share it with you. These are all notes in which I took from this webinar, in which I’m going to share with you.
In a quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza I have is to be defined by a vision within your future and not to live in the past. You have to have a vision bigger than yourself in which will motivate and inspire you to move forward. People who are motivated by money are less unfortunate because they have a lack of vision and a lack of inspiration.
A habit is developed by your past and to invest into your future, you must be able to break your old, bad habits. Awareness, adaptability, to be able to bring your effort forward, and change overcome your lack of worthiness, will be able to empower and compel your vision. You must take the effort, the energy, the awareness, and be able to develop yourself and make better habits for yourself to develop a better vision for you.
Manifesting your vision in which matches your electro-magnetic signatures is what you broadcast from inside yourself, from within your energy, and it will change your body and your state of mind through meditation. You will become more aware, notice confidence, creativeness, amazing emotions, and anchor a new state of being by matching your electro-magnetic signature into manifesting your vision.
Your inner world of thoughts and feelings and luck and your full potential in your life will become stronger each day as your vision becomes compelling and moves you forward and does not bring you back to your past or your bad habits. This is why your vision is your future, not your past.

Your Vision Is Your Future, Not Your Past (Video):


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