2 Martial Art Categories

2 Martial Art Categories

There are two martial art categories. Depending on what you want to gain and learn from martial arts will ultimately be your deciding factor in which category and style you want to train in.

If you want to learn how to strike and use weapons, you want to train in percussive martial arts. If you do not want to learn how to strike while training in martial arts, but would rather learn how to throw, lock, and grapple, then you want to train in nonpercussive martial arts.


These two martial art categories are taught throughout the world and in numerous and various styles of martial arts. Each category has its own advantages, but it depends on whether the student wants to strike or not strike in the martial art style (s)he chooses to train in.

One similarity between the percussive and nonpercussive martial arts is that in each category, you get to use weapons, depending on the martial art style you decide to train in. There are some styles in which do not involve weapon training.

To learn more about percussive and nonpercussive martial arts, watch the video below.

2 Martial Art Categories (Video):


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