Karate, My First Martial Art Class Ever

Karate, My First Martial Art Class Ever


Karate, my first martial art class ever – an accomplishment rather ironic but humorous I find as I write this post.

I think I was around 9 years old when I was first introduced to martial arts – it was karate. I remember my brother and sister dragging me to their martial art school they had started to go to when they were in their late teens, as part of their training for the military. I HATED it, and I only lasted a day there. They literally dragged me there because they were babysitting me, and they had their karate class to go to. That was my first taste of martial arts. Who knew I would be the martial artist I am today? I sure didn’t. A rather interesting, yet ironic tribulation I wanted to share with you today. I find humor in this now.


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