Go Beyond Your Limits

Go Beyond Your Limits

No matter what you may think of yourself,

No matter how hard you judge on yourself,

Go beyond your limits.

No matter how hard your life may be,

No matter how hard your dreams may be out of reach,

Go beyond your limits.

Think of yourself as the best person you can ever be.

Think of yourself as the best human being with a soul so free,

And go beyond your limits.

What your thoughts and what you may be thinking,

May not always be the best for what you may be bringing.

Go beyond your limits.

For your thoughts are not always correct with of what you are thinking,

Because the negativity in which you may be feeling

Is yourself thinking you cannot go beyond your limits.

So think today, “I can, I will, I do, I am,”

And go beyond your limits.

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Because here at Colleen’s Martial Art Corner I express to you

Go beyond your limits,

Go beyond your dreams and your fears

And take everything in which you feel

And wipe them all away.

Go Beyond Your Limits (Video):


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Colleen Burns

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