Treat Yourself with Kindness

Treat Yourself with Kindness

Treat yourself with kindness, gratitude, and love,

Because the more you treat yourself with kindness,

You will come to understand to treat others with kindness as well.

In reciprocity, the gratitude, love, and respect

Will come back to you, because everything in which you do,

Will never come undone, for those same feelings will be true

From everyone else around you and your environment

Between all your family and your friends.

The feelings of kindness, respect, and love

Will come back to you as you share it with others,

Because eventually in this world there will be peace once again.

So treat yourself with kindness today,

And make it the best day you have had yet.

Because the best things in life you have to offer

Will always come back to you in kindness, respect, and love

In which you know you will never forget.

So, treat yourself with kindness.

Treat yourself with kindness. 

Treat Yourself with Kindness (Video):


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