The Power of Your Faith, The Power of Your Spirit

The Power of Your Faith, The Power of Your Spirit

What does faith mean to you? What does spirit mean to you?

Faith and spirit are two totally different things. Faith is the inner power that you have within yourself to keep yourself going and growing each day.  Faith can be the religion in which you have, in which you were raised on, to be able to have faith in yourself and faith in others. Faith can also be your core set of beliefs, in which of course you were raised on, or in which you have converted to, to have that faith to keep you moving and your momentum going forward.

Spirit, on the other hand, is something different. Your spirit can be life after death, or your spirit can be something in which is a premonition of a before life, or your spirit is a spirit in which you have inside of yourself. The presence in which you feel within yourself. Your enthusiasm, your spirit, your go-getter, your fist-pump, your “Go for the gold” attitude. Spirit can mean many different things to many different people. The after life, the before life, and in your present life.

So, today the power of your faith, and the power of your spirit… let it be the best in you, in which you feel is the most powerful thing in which you can feel that you haven’t had in a very long time. The power of your faith, the power of your spirit. Which one will guide you today to bring you a better one tomorrow?

The Power of Your Faith, The Power of Your Spirit (Video):


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