King of Hong Kong Kung-Fu

King of Hong Kong Kung-Fu

King of Hong Kong Kung-Fu. Charlie Chaplin of the Far East. The Master of kung-fu comedy films.

Jackie Chan is a man of many titles. Although Jackie Chan holds no ranks in his martial arts styles, he is still a master of kung-fu comedy films. During his span of making 128 movies, Jackie Chan credits the Chinese Opera School for his humble beginnings in learning martial arts. Jackie admits to a ten-year love – hate relationship with the school, where, at the age of 7, he enrolled in and learned martial arts and the acrobatic skills you see in his martial art films.

During his teenager years, Jackie started his film career as a stuntman and martial art choreographer. He worked as a stuntman alongside Bruce Lee in several of Bruce’s movies. Jackie Chan first starred in his own movie in 1971. But it wasn’t until 1978, in which he had his first breakthrough success.

To learn more about Jackie Chan’s early martial art career, in which has made him known as the King of Hong Kong Kung-Fu, and to test your martial art film knowledge, watch the video below.

King of Hong Kong Kung-Fu (Video): 


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