Sil-Lum Kung-Fu Takedowns

Sil-Lum Kung-Fu Takedowns

Sil-Lum Kung-Fu takedowns take practice, because you have to be able to know how to fall without breaking bones. You also have to be able to roll and spring back up into fighting stance. It takes not only skill, but also time and effort to learn. And money, but it’s well worth it.

When I first saw them demonstrated to me, I thought to myself, “There’s no way I can do that.” I surprised myself when I did. But it took awhile to get them right. If I were to go back right now to Blue Ridge Kung-fu Arnis Academy, I’d be back at the beginning re-learning them, because I have forgotten how to do them. I miss doing them, though.

The best part of doing Sil-Lum Kung-Fu takedowns is learning and knowing how the body can twist and turn in one movement (which is AWESOME, by the way), though they are broken into segments to be able to practice and perfect each move so the body doesn’t get injured.

I call this phase OPEN MIND with CONTINUOUS EFFORT, which then leads to SUCCESS.


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