Tuesdays Are Good Days

Tuesdays Are Good Days

Samsung 3 to Samsung 4 photos 565May you wake up this morning bright, cheery, happy, and glowing. It is a Tuesday, and Tuesdays are good days because the best thing about Tuesdays is that it is still the beginning of the week. Start your day off right with a positive attitude and winning smile. Know that if today goes a little awry, you still have the rest of the week to make it right and a great one! You can correct yourself and improve yourself throughout the day to make your next day brighter and better. 

It’s better to be open and optimistic about your future, because even though it may not go as planned, you can find an alternative to get there. And YOU WILL get there!

Baby steps = Success

Be happy, motivated, determined, and optimistic today and everyday. The rest of your week will be better than today because you are more positive and confident about yourself and your future.


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






Colleen Burns

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PS: For a Double Dose of Self-Empowerment, click here: https://colleensmartialartcorner.com/2016/02/19/personal-self-empowerment-chart/

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