Find Inner Peace within Yourself Today

Find Inner Peace within Yourself Today

Take ten minutes to an hour out of your day and find inner peace within yourself today.


Get a Chakra CD. If you do not own one, buy one.

Find an alarm that is quiet when it goes off but will alert you to wake up. Bring the alarm and the Chakra CD with you to a quiet place in your house, where you will not be disturbed. Set the alarm for an hour. Make sure it is at a low level.

In this room close all doors, sit Indian-style, close your eyes, listen to some Chakra music, place your hand over your heart, and feel the rhythm of your heart beating under your skin. Tap your hand in beat to your heart. Let all the stress seep out of you.

Take some deep breaths, open your eyes, relax your hands at your knees, and slowly breathe in and out. Close your eyes again and remain as is. Feel the rhythm of Chakra music beating in tune to your heartbeat as it stimulates your brain.

Surrender yourself and focus on your inner senses. Pay attention to what your senses feel like, how they feel like, and where they are effecting you. Notice the pathway of the energy as it passes throughout your body. Now as you breathe in, place the tip of your tongue toward the back of your mouth. Breathe out through your nose.

When you hear your alarm go off, slowly open your eyes. Notice any differences from what you felt before you started. Remain as is for several more minutes. Within this time, allow any senses to continue to pass through you before you rise.

Find the inner peace within yourself today and remain at peace. You will feel like a whole new person. A whole new world awaits you and your new inner well-being.


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






Colleen Burns


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