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Fear vs Frustration: What Do You Do?

Fear vs Frustration: What Do You Do?

What do you do when you feel that fear and frustration and to get over it?

Fear is defined as something in which you are scared to do, and you do not know what is around the corner, you do not know what is going to be going on in the future. It is more like jumping into the unknown and not knowing what’s going to happen.

Frustration, on the other hand, is when things are not going right and you feel that everything, no matter what you do, just doesn’t seem to be going right, and you tend to want to just give up at that point in time and not do anything at all. That is the difference between fear and frustration.

So, what do you do to overcome your fear and what do you do to overcome your frustration?

The best thing you can do to overcome you fears and your frustrations is to be able to just vent. You have to vent to get it out, no matter how hard it may be, or how easy it may be, for you to be able to vent. You just have to let it out. Ways to vent out your fears and frustration include:

1). If you are not a martial artist, you can’t hit people, especially when you are sparring. You can lightly touch them, but you can’t physically punch their lights out, because that’s when you get kicked out of martial art school. You don’t want to do that.

2). To be able to overcome your fear and frustration, you got to vent. And no matter how you vent, you just got to let it out. Either do a crying session, or you can talk to someone, or if you are a writer like me, you just write out your emotions in a journal and vent that way.

3). If you are a martial artist like me, you are able to vent by sparring, but I haven’t been to martial art class in awhile because I can’t afford it right now.

4). Another way to vent your fears and frustrations is to go outside for a walk. The best thing for you sometimes is daylight. Have the sun beat down on you and be able to enjoy the outdoors. Be able to get through that horrible moment in time. Just go outside, enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy the day. Go to a park, bring a book with you, or just keep walking around the park. Have music with you. This is called “me time.” Sometimes the best thing for you is to have “me time,” when you are alone, and you are able to get through your thoughts and get through everything that is going on with your life in which you feel the fear and the frustration. To be able to overcome your fear and frustration, those are the things you want to do.

5). Listen to some music which makes you happy, smile, or laugh. Or you can always put in a movie or watch a comedy show which makes you laugh.

6). Personal development. This will make you a stronger person than the day before when you were feeling that fear and frustration.

7). The best thing for you to get through your fear and frustration is to overcome any doubts and talk to people. Talk to someone who you haven’t talked to in awhile, who you know will make you smile and make you laugh. The reason why I am doing this Facebook Live is because if it wasn’t for Marco, I would not be doing this Facebook Live. Marco said something to take me out of my rut.

You want to be able to get out of your fear and frustrations and vent and then be able to get on with your day and on with your night.

8). Another thing that you can do to get out of your fears and frustrations is to have hope. Have hope for your future. Have hope for your dreams and endeavors. Have hope to be able to get through your day so you will be able to get through your fears and frustrations and move on to your future, which is waiting for you around the corner. It is the best fix for you.

9). Another thing you can do to get out of your fears and frustrationswhat do you do? If you like to cook like me, go into cooking mode in the kitchen and cook away. Bake some brownies.

10). Create a vision, which has been ingrained into me by Ray Higdon’s coaching program. Once you create your vision, you want to keep going forward with that vision. To overcome your fear and frustrations, you want to make sure that you have a vision. And when you have that vision strong enough in your mind, you will overcome any and all doubts and emotions, no matter what those emotions may be.

So, you can either cook, go outside and walks around, you can listen to music, strengthen your mindset by listening to or reading personal development. May this help you all to overcome any and all fears and frustrations today.

To overcome these fears and frustrations, you must admit you have these problems and then admit what you need to do to get over them. That way you will be able to get through your day, through your night, and just be better at what you know you are awesome at.

Fear vs Frustration: What Do You Do? (Video):


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