Working With Kali Weaponry

Working with Kali Weaponry

Working with Kali Weaponry (also known as Escrima and Arnis), I learned how to use wooden sticks and knives to defend myself should I ever have to face myself with a real blade in real life.

In addition to being one of the martial art styles at the Blue Ridge Kung-fu Arnis Academy curriculum training, Kali is part of Sil-Lum Kung-fu training, in which I learned forms with the Kali stick. A Kali stick is about 3 – 4 feet, and when you whip it fast enough, you can hear it as it cuts the air. I learned this from two of the five Tuhons in the world – Tuhon Rick Ward and Tuhon Gaudiosa Sarno Ruby. This was THE HIGHLIGHT of my martial art career – and still is to this day.

I first learned Kali when I was a yellow belt in Sil-lum Kung-Fu, for it is part of the green belt test and training. And I also learned how to spar with the Kali stick as well, which was really cool! I miss those days!

There will be a time when I see myself back in Boone, NC, to get my black belt in Sil-Lum Kung-fu and Emperor’s Long Fist – when that is is hard to say. I just know that I see myself back there in the future. Because I so miss my Tuhon and working with the weapons. (Black belt first in Tae Kwon Do, because that’s not as far away to attain as it will be to get in Sil-Lum Kung-fu and Emperor’s Long Fist. I may have to re-start the training; I’m not quite sure, but I am SO up for it)!

In the video below,  the first and second videos are me with the Kali stick. I had to re-learn these forms from my handbook, which I still have, because I will admit I forgot how to do these forms. But I had a blast doing them! (With the exception of breaking my overhead light shade using the stick; that was not such a blast as it cost me $10 to replace it).

Kali, Sil-Lum Kung-fu, Emperor’s Long Fist (Video):


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