Martial Arts and Spirituality

Martial Arts and Spirituality


There is a connection between martial arts and spirituality.

This post celebrates the style and the spirit found within each martial art practitioner. For every style of martial arts, there is a spiritual aspect to it. Each style has a different spirituality behind the martial art training. And the martial art training is taught differently based on the style and the martial art instructor(s) who teach it. 

Some martial art practitioners study martial arts for the spirituality behind it to grow, to improve themselves, to have a sense of self and inner being from within, to have balance in their life. Other martial art practitioners, especially those who are beginners, may not be aware of the connection between martial arts and spirituality until further along within their training, for they are there for self-defense or for other reasons why they started martial art training. Some may come to realize the connection quicker than others.

Learning the connection between martial arts and spirituality is a journey. Some martial art practitioners may feel that the spirituality aspect is not important to them. So be it. What’s important to one martial artist may not be important to another martial artist. But there are two common themes between them – the passion for studying martial arts and respect for one another.

May you discover something new in the video below and apply it to your everyday learning.

Martial Arts and Spirituality (Video):


Did you learn something new today? May you find that it will help you improve yourself and your well-being as a martial artist.


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