Kareem Abdul Jabbar and the Samurai

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and the Samurai


Legendary basketball star Kareem Abdul Jabbar was born Lew Alcindor. His interest in martial arts began in his freshman year during his college years at UCLA. Kareem’s training in martial arts increased his self-awareness and self-discovery through his study of aikido in 1967 and then during his five year training under Bruce Lee’s instruction. He met Bruce Lee through a mutual friend, publisher Mito Uyehara of Black Belt magazine in 1967. Kareem admits that he uses the chi energy training in which Bruce Lee taught him as a mental preparation for his basketball games.

Kareem’s interest in training in martial arts was sparked by watching a Samurai movie. This is the starting point in which began Kareem’s martial art career. To test your martial art knowledge about Kareem Abdul Jabbar and the Samurai movie I refer to, watch the video and take the quiz below.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and the Samurai (Video):


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