Your True Purpose in Life

Your True Purpose In Life

Your burning desires come from your passion. Your passion comes from within your soul. What comes from within your soul, is what and how you were raised and brought up on… your beliefs, your spirituality, your upbringing, and the environment in which you are around, whether it be a positive or a negative one.
Your purpose defines who you are. Your purpose defines your flaws, because everyone has flaws because there is no such thing as perfection in life. Because if there was perfection in life, you would not be able to learn from everyone, and there’s always something new to learn from everyone else. This is inspired by watching a lot of different videos from Tony Robbins on his YouTube channel and elsewhere.
The purpose that you have in your life derives from a meaning that you want to be able to surface, that you want to be able to talk about but deep down inside, you really don’t.
Your true purpose has a meaning that drives deep down inside your soul, but it is hard to be able to discuss it sometimes… like bullying, like alcoholism, like rape, like abortion, like cancer. The worst hardest things in life that you want to talk about could end up being your true purpose and your true calling in life. Because every purpose behind it has a meaning, and every meaning behind every meaning has a definition of the individual within yourself, your spirituality, and your soul.
So today I ask you what is your purpose? What is your meaning? What do you want to achieve in your lifetime? What is your true calling? Do you know the answers to these questions?
If you don’t, I have an exercise for you. Write down the most biggest desire that you want to achieve in life and what you want to be able to follow in the steps to make it a daily routine and have it to be able to achieve those desires that you want in your life. Those desires being your passion that just keep burning inside of you to be able to achieve them hour by hour, by day by day, by week, by year… until you get it.
So comment below what your true desires are, what your true passion is, and the steps that you want to achieve to be able to get them there. I might be able to help you out in trying to help you to achieve those baby steps, to be able to get to that big success that you want out of life… your purpose, your passion, your meaning, your desires, your true calling in life.

Your True Purpose in Life (Video):


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