Wake Up and Be Amazing

Wake Up and Be Amazing

Have you ever woken up to one of those mornings and just felt like crap? Have you ever woken up to one of those mornings in which you got done nothing done and you dragged throughout the day, afternoon, and evening and wished that you had more energy and a more positive attitude? Do you know that to change this attitude of yours, it just takes a couple adjustments?

If you have answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, I have some tips to share with you today to make you a more amazing, a more awesome morning in which you can experience, so that way you will feel better about yourself throughout the day.

My number one tip is personal development, whether it be audio or a book, you always want to wake up and do some personal development, because it will make you feel a more positive about yourself, and you will be able to explore your inner self. In this way, you will be able to fix what you need fixed, so you will feel better about yourself and improve yourself.

Number two tip, the gratitude tip in which I mentioned in a video some time ago, will best help you feel better about yourself and also be able to let you know how grateful you are to others. The gratitude exercise involves writing down on a piece of paper between now and for the rest of your life, “I am so happy and grateful that I have,… or something better.” And you also want to add in a mantra with that saying, “I am,…” and if you say you feel like crap, you want to say the opposite and say that, “I am amazing!” So, therefore, when you wake up, you will be amazing and awesome. In this instance, you will be saying, “I am amazing and awesome!” instead of saying, “I feel like crap.” And it definitely works, and it will help you have a more positive attitude!

The third tip that I have to share with you so that you will feel more amazing and awesome once you wake up is to meditate. Meditation comes in many various forms. You want to pick one in which best suits you. For at least a few minutes to an hour, enclose yourself to a secluded room to where you will be able to have enough space around you and do some meditation. That will make you feel more amazing and awesome, so you will have a more positive attitude in life and go throughout your day in a more positive and awesome, amazing attitude to help you get through the day and night.

So, today try these exercises and see how well when you wake up in the morning how well you will feel, so that way you will be able to improve yourself for today, tomorrow, and your future.

Oh, and one last tip. Don’t watch the news at night, because if you watch the news at night, you will end up feeling like crap in the morning because you didn’t get much sleep because you had all those horror stories of all those news that you just watched prior going to bed.

Wake Up and Be Amazing (Video):

Follow these steps on a daily basis, and you will wake up and be amazing. 


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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on! 






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